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Do you have a dress code for weddings?

Yes: shirt, slacks, and a tie. If you would like, we can wear suits. 


Do you provide a DJ service? What type of music will the DJ play?

Yes. We can provide whatever music you'd like to hear. We will be in contact prior to the wedding/event to discuss the DJ's set list.


How long do ye play for?

The band provides 2 hours of music. The DJ will play for 2 hours, or until the venues curfew.

What music does the band play?

We play a huge range of tunes that consistently go down a storm with all generations.

We are happy to tailor the set to your tastes, so you'll know what exactly you're getting.

Will the band play our favorite song for our first dance?

Yes. Give us one months notice, and we'll learn your song!

Do you play any waltzes or traditional Irish music at weddings?

No. We don't play this type of music ourselves, so we can't offer it for weddings.


Does the band provide lights and PA?

Yes. We have a great, brand new RCF PA system, and plenty of lights for any stage!

How far do ye travel?

We can travel nationwide.


Where can we see ye perform?

We play around Galway City quite regularly. Please don't hesitate to contact us to find out where and when is our next gig best suits you.

Can ye keep a date free until we have seen ye play?

We require a security deposit before any booking can be confirmed.

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